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Colours Academy online Nata coaching center in Hyderabad is committed to exploring creative, integrated solutions to improve the quality of learning to design the life in our cities and the sustainability of the places we inhabit and simultaneously developing critical thinking skills to prepare the next generation of Architects and Urban Designers. The trained students at Colours Academy Nata coaching center are groomed to enhance design creativity, understand social responsibility, develop technical and research excellence, to become global leaders in architecture and planning.

Colours Academy NIFT coaching center provide Entrance exam preparation platform to prepare for Various Technical and Design stream in Result oriented manner with Latest cutting edge Teaching and Research Oriented technology. Natainstitute.com offer students online coaching and online training resources for the following tests and entrance exams: JEE B.Arch exam, AIEEE, NATA exam, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT Exam, U-CEED Exam.

The most precious gift a PARENT can give their child apart from their Love and TIME is TOP QUALITY EDUCATION, an opportunity to explore the GENIUS in them. For students appearing for NID & UCEED,; Colours Academy NID coaching provides the MOST IDEAL online coaching platform built on the Knowledge, Teaching Passion and Principles of the Young Professionals; a legacy of passion for result oriented teaching.

When you know that the scores in the board exams are career defining ones for your child why do you risk their Career by sending them to some average coaching class?
Visit to our Centre of excellence and see what Colours Academy online entrance exam Classes offers you compared to some average online coaching class ; be BEST ADVICED: Collect our PROSPECTUS from the CENTER & Secure you child’s brightest future.

Built on the values, Teaching Passion and Principles of Architects & Educationists; Colours Academy online Nata coaching Classes is a professionally managed yet very Passionately driven online Coaching Class for NATA &JEE B.Arch, examinations.

Colours Academy online Architecture Entrance exam Faculties very well realize that the RESULTS of these examinations for every parent and students is not just career defining; what your SON or DAUGHTER becomes is highly dependent on these Results. Every student dreams and works very hard to score the highest possible in JEE Mains Architecture online entrance exam, NIFT online Entrance exam, NID online entrance exam, NATA online entrance exam, Engineering entrance examinations and Fulfill their parents dream. Success in these exams brings great Honor and sense of Fulfillment to parents. Every parents want to see their child SUCCESSFUL and Colours Academy online Nata coaching Institute all know it all begins with these examinations.

It’s with these sensibilities and realization that online Nata coaching at Colours Academy, Nata Hyderabad have designed our coaching for online entrance exams: JEE B.Arch. exam 2024, AIEEE 2024, NATA exam 2024, NID Exam 2024, NIFT Exam 2024, CEPT Exam 2024, U-CEED Exam 2024. Colours Academy online Nata coaching Classes is the best institute for online training students to understand the concepts instead of just Mugging- UP.

Our Vision

“To empower Indian students to build stronger concepts in Design and Architecture to make them more confident to face any future academic challenges in the future. The mission of Colours Academy online entrance exam coaching Classes is to develop Courses, Tools and Resources to give “Power to students to perform their best”.

Our Mission

Every member of Colours Academy Nata coaching center would be a MARGDARSHAK for others in career building.


Deliverance is more important than wonderful insight and excellent thought process.


No tall claims, no day dreaming, no miracle, no over commitment.

Purpose + Principle + Planning + Practice + Perseverance + Patience + Pride = Preparation

Preparation needs confidence and Colours Academy online coaching center is doing confidence building exercise among students since the inception of Colours Academy.

Natainstitute.com also provides online coaching for entrance exams in 2024: JEE B.Arch 2024. exam, AIEEE 2024, NATA 2024 exam, NID 2024 Exam, NIFT 2024 Exam, CEPT 2024 Exam, U-CEED 2024 Exam in Various cities of India i.e. Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Kadapa, Kurnool, Rajahmundry, Vishakhapatnam, Vizag, Karimnagar etc. NATAInstitute.com provides Online NATA Coaching and Physical Classroom coaching for entrance exams: JEE B.Arch 2024 exam, AIEEE 2024, NATA 2024 exam, NID 2024 Exam, NIFT 2024 Exam, CEPT 2024 Exam, U-CEED 2024 Exam.

Colours Academy Nata Tutorials is committed to the development of individuals with creative imagination, intellectual curiosity, and technical knowledge. Colours Academy Design School educates students in the design disciplines who can form independent judgment grounded in the broader contexts of intellectual traditions.

The course work Colours Academy Design School is to help the student understand finer aspects of Architecture which are very much integral to designing, planning and scheduling of buildings. The course work aims to impart quality education through effective communication skills and making the student’s conscious of built form in the contemporary scenario.

Our Aims

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  • Information about what natainstitute.com is all about.
  • How to prepare for online entrance exams: JEE B.Arch exam, AIEEE, NATA exam, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT Exam, U-CEED Exam, Architecture Entrance Exam and Engineering entrance exams.
  • Online Study Material & Practice papers, Online Tutorials for various B.Arch./Fashion Entrance Examination like AIEEE, NATA, JEE B.Arch, NIFT & NID.  Online Study Material for NATA / JEE B.Arch Exam for admission in various universities in India.
  • “Online Mock test” for common Engineering, planning, Design and Architecture entrance exams.
  • PHYSICAL Classroom sessions for GATE, CEED, AIEEE, NATA Test, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT Exam.
  • Online Classroom for GATE, CEED, AIEEE, NATA Test, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT Exam.